TX Twincreeks RM Tatiana
DOB:  12/29/11

Color/Pattern Genetics:

Tatiana is black with white spotting.  She has a white poll.

Kidding History:

06/02/13:  Single doe - sired by Heidi's Mini Acres Tracker

04/11/14:  Triplets - 2 does/1 buck sired by *B Wren Farm AB Jose 'VG88'

04/23/15:  Quads - 3 does/1 buck sired by Proctor Hill Farm BO Zumba

03/15/16:  Twins? - 2 does sired by TX Twincreeks FAX SummerKnight *S 'E90' (A.I) - kids will be DNA tested

03/19/17:  Twins - 2 does sired by Breezy Farms Call Me Al

03/21/18:  Triplets - 2 surviving bucks sired by Phoenix Farm Designer Genes

See her extended pedigree here:  Tatiana's Pedigree

S:  Castle Rock Rainmaker + *B

SS:  CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln

SD:  4*M SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*D 'E90'

D:  1*M MCH/SGCH TX Twincreeks SB Fairy Dust 'E90'

DS:  Piddlin Acres PM Simon Birch

DD:  SG TX Twincreeks SEM Evanescence 'VG88' (E in mammary)