Wood & Stream MB Panda Bear
DOB:  5/25/13


You have no idea how thrilled I was to win this lovely doe at the 2013 ADGA National Show!  I never win anything and wanted this girl so bad.  She's a beauty and has an awesome pedigree.  I guess it was just meant to be.  Thank you Marge & Earl Kitchen!

Panda is pictured above on 7/13/13.  I need to get an updated photo of this lovely long, dairy doe.  She is growing up very nicely!

Color/Pattern Genetics:

Panda is black with white spotting. 

Kidding History:

06/11/15:  Single buck sired by Shere Country MP Megabyte  

03/30/16:  Single buck sired by Able Valley Farm Fabio

2017:  ?

03/17/18:  Buck/doe twins sired by Shere Country RR Snapdragon 

See her extended pedigree here:   Panda's Pedigree

S: Pholia Farm HB Buck Finn  (2010 ADGA Spotlight Sale buckling)

SS: +B Piddlin Acres Hit the Bullseye

SD: GCH Jobi Deana 5*M 'E91' 

D: GCH Wood & Stream Ma Ma Bear 2*M 'VG88'

DS: CH Herzinger's RT Cullinan Jewel

DD: Wood & Stream WM GoldieLocks 1*M