Fall Creek V Leila
DOB:  4/3/07


Leila is a powerful doe, while not sacrificing dairy character.  Her udder is capacious and well attached.  See her second freshening udder photo below.  Udder photo courtesy of Dede Baasi.



                                             Dam: AGS Fall Creek Tal Sugar

                                             Sire:  AGS Rosasharn UMT Viceroy


                          Photos courtesy of Lois Jordan at http://www.fallcreekfarm.net

Show Wins:

Not yet shown.

Color/Pattern Genetics:

Leila is a brown/black buckskin, broken with white.

Kidding History:

02/26/09:  Buck/doe twins - sired by Shere Country Green

03/03/10:  Single doe - sired by Fall Creek RC Buddy

04/10/11:  Quads - 3 does and 1 buck - 1 surviving doe was sired by TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E' & 1 doe was sired by Dynamo UFO Zen

2012:  Single buck - sired by Avian Acres NAT Rocky

2013:  open 

04/01/14:  Quads - 3 does and 1 buck - sired by *B DesertNanny BR Shenandoah *S

04/28/15:  Triplets - 3 bucks - sired by Shere Country MP Megabyte

03/31/16:  Quads - 4 does sired by AGS Fall Creek WR Valentino *S

See her extended pedigree here:   Leila's Pedigree

S: AGS Rosasharn UMT Viceroy  

SS: ARMCH AGS Rosasharn's Under My Thumb + *S 'E'

SD: SG 3*M AGS Rosasharn's TL Mariposa 4*D

D: AGS Fall Creek Tal Sugar

DS: AGS Brush Creek SF Talisman

DD: AGS Black Locust Penelope