Family and Friends Family and Friends The bale crew 90772232 Grandpa Dale driving the tractor 90772233 Chloe and Tessa muddin' with the wheeler. 90772435 90772434 Ben holding Penelopes doe kid instead of eating pizza! 73872909 Mike goofin' when supposed to be hayin'! 90772231 Buck snoozing with new goat kid 69248435 McKenzie lovin' on Penelopes doe kid. 73872911 Ben and Mike 73872910 Takes 3 to milk this goat! 69249234 My buddy DJ 71521117 Isn't he just too cute? 71521118 Making Cheese 69249235 Tessa and Nick taking a break on the hay bales. 71739925 Mozzarella Magic! 69249236 Winter Frolic, Brother and Sister 69279682 Sophmore court 69279683 Grandpa Gary and Marissa 69279684 My girls....They all are so awesome! 71521119 Marissa and Jacob in Louisiana 71521120 Buck in the ocean 71521121 Marissa and Buck in the ocean....what was bumping you? 71521122