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Posted by Kristin on March 4, 2011 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

A huge THANK YOU to my cattle friend, Joe Shere!  If you ask Joe about being a goat farmer, he will tell you in a hurry that he is a cattle farmer!  He was a goat farmer for 30 minutes this summer as he bought some goats for his wife, Julie Shere of Shere Country Ranch, and then gave them to her for her birthday/anniversary present.  LIttle does he know, he must be a goat farmer at heart.  While I was out of town yesterday for my daughters doctor appt in Duluth, Joe stopped by to check on one of my best does only to find her in labor and the start of one kid coming out.  Joe stayed and helped Raven deliver healthy buck/doe twins.  He got them dried off, made sure they were fed and called me to let me know that everything was good.  Oh, how I owe him big!  Joe is off this weekend to a cattle sale, and he has quite a few of his cows that are due.  I guess I will be sitting in my lawn chair, coffee in hand, on calf watch for him!  Thank you again, Joe! 

Beautiful Day!

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Aria, Raven and Little Joe were out enjoying the snow and nibbling on the pine trees today.  I thought for a minute they were off to visit the neighbors as they were heading down the driveway!  They were happy to be outside without having the sub-zero temps to contend with.  Is Spring coming soon?


Christmas Time

Posted by Kristin on December 16, 2010 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Do you have all your shopping done?  I haven't even started.  Just put up the tree today and partially decorated it....with a lot of help from my four hairy helpers, especially the one in the top part of the tree.  As you can see, they take off the decorations as fast as I put them on.  The tree is as good as it is going to get this year!  I should be happy that it is still standing upright.


Remember the real reason of the Christmas season.  It's not the shopping and gifts, or the tree and the food.  Take time with your family this year and read the Christmas Story found in your Bible....Luke 2:1-20.  What an amazing gift we were given.


Let it snow!

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Just kidding!  This is the snow that we received from the spring snowstorm we had in you think we will get as much snow this weekend?  My dad sure isn't hoping so, as he had the big job of shoveling the roof off his house and garage!  Have a safe weekend and get outside and enjoy the winter weather.  Perfect for making snowmen!


Family....Old and New

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This is my Grandma who turned 100 years old in September.  She still lives in her home, has a garden in the summer, bakes for family and will argue politics to the death and prays everyday for all her family.  She has many good stories about the "good old days" that I love to hear her tell.  We are so blessed to still have her with us.




This is my Uncle with his new grandson.  I'm not sure if he ever puts him down!  But who would give up that sweet baby?  Love this picture of my two favorite boys, so I had to share it.  Sorry Uncle, at least it's not the picture of you wearing my red haired wig!  Love you!


Black & White Bovine

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Thanks to Pat & Karen Brodeen for the handsome Holstein calf!  Georgia needed a grazing partner so we picked up Cowboy this past week.  What a cutie!  Now Tessa has double the chores in the morning. 

Fresh Butter

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I had quite a few jars of fresh milk, thick with cream, so I had to make some tasty butter this morning.  How nice to be able to make our own at home.  I don't use my butter churn in the picture, as my cream quantity is hardly enough for it, but am hoping someday I can.  We made some fresh cheese last week, but everyone ate it before I could get a picture.  Nothing is better than fresh, warm cheese! 


National Night Out

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On Tuesday, August 3rd, our church hosted a neighborhood social for National Night Out.  For entertainment we had music, holey board, cribbage, volleyball, kids games with waterballoons, face painting, horse shoes, playing cards and some animals for the kids to play with.  There was popcorn and watermelon to snack on.  We had a good turn out and hope to do it again next year!

A Good Girl...

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Georgia spent a little time tied out by the goats to get used of her halter and the commotion that come with morning chores.  She was very good not to pull on her halter rope and stood quietly as I milked the goats, passed out hay and filled water buckets.  An occasional, quiet "moo" to her goats friends was all we heard.  Isn't she just beautiful?  Or have I gone completely nuts?  :)




Sister having fun....

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Our good friends daughter was married this weekend and our daughter was in the wedding, so we had to take a few picures!  This is of our daughters dancing at the reception.  It was a beautiful wedding and are so very happy for the new couple!  Thanks, Amanda, for throwing the bouquet right to Marissa!