Updated 6/28/15 - for additional sales animals, check out the kidding schedule.

Wood & Stream MB Panda Bear X Shere Country MP Megabyte
Single buck
DOB:  6/11/15
buck available as a wether - $75

Heidi's Mini Acres Oh So Sweet X *B Wren Farm AB Jose kids
Triplet does!!!
DOB:  4/8/15
1 doe sold (white face), 1 doe sold (white on leg), 1 doe available.  $375

Babel Brook Acres Jasmine X *B Wren Farm AB Jose kids
Twin does
DOB:  4/6/15
2 does available.  $375 ea. 

Avian Acres LWS Wilma X Proctor Hill Farm BO Zumba kids
Twin bucks
DOB:  4/4/15
These boys are really nice long-bodied kids.  They are only minutes old in the photos.  Better photos soon.  
1 buck sale pending - AS, 1 buck available - $75 as wether.

ASG Bandit's Funfetti - $150 (small doe being sold as pet)

Deb's Whisperwoods Ella - $200

Avian Acres APO Ebonee - bred - $375

Babel Brook Acres Danica - Sold: AB-J

Animals are guaranteed healthy and free of disqualifying faults when they leave our farm.  Since we cannot control any stress that may occur as a result of shipping, the animals environment or management once they leave our farm, we cannot offer any further guarantees.

We are not currently taking paid reservations on unborn kids; however, if you have an interest in a particular breeding, please let us know and we will notify you when kids are born prior to posting them for sale.  I will keep a list for right of first refusal in the order that they are received.  A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold your already born kid for one month so that shipping arrangements can be made.  We can use any airline that flies into the Duluth, Minnesota airport.  You will pick up your goat(s) the same day at a specified time.  If needed, kids can fly out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport on other airlines but an additional fee of $75 to $100 will be charged to cover our mileage and time off of work, as this is a 9 hour trip from our farm.  All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, along with any costs for special health requirements.  These costs, along with the price of the goat, are required to be paid in full before we ship.  Please take the time to check your state's animal importation requirements.  Actual shipping or importation requirements will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  All kids will come with health certificates, including the results of any additional testing required by you or your state.  You will also receive registration applications and transfers for ADGA.